The Underemployment Deficit

Liberty? Justice? Liberty and justice for all?

How do we reconcile liberty and justice for all. How do we, as libertarians, offer hope if we do not offer just wages for all. A just wage is a wage which enables the individual to individually sustain their-self, individually. There is a notion that says individuals are to dumb to earn enough to sustain their-self and their family but smart enough to earn their employer a profit. There is an often unspoken consensus that individuals are to stupid to earn just wages but smart enough to earn corporations millions.

How is it, we can allow others to profit while not allowing those who make them profit earn enough to sustain their-self, individually. Are we affording individuals with the liberty to suppress our own countrymen. Have we created wage slaves by allowing others to pass laws which offer the hope of justice but never deliver. Our minimum wage laws do nothing but protect the profits of corporations. They do not offer just wages, they do nothing to eradicate the underemployment deficit. Rather, they sever as a means to oppress, to increase profits, to protect the wealthy.

There is one issue that is worthy of becoming the talking point in the upcoming elections….that issue is a just wage for all. Most every other issue we face can be addressed if not completely eradicated with the passing of just wage laws. Laws that tie the wages of the worker to the actual cost of living, on an individual basis, assuring the liberties of the individual, and not based upon household income which severs to skew and steal the liberty of the individual.

The numbers speak for themselves….

Wage Deficit

Total US Workforce (15 yrs and older) 242,168,000
Under Employed (individuals earning less than 30160) 116,451,000
Unemployed 13,700,000
Under Employment Wage Deficit $2,162,623,111,000

Wage Surplus

Total US Workforce (15 yrs and older) 242,168,000
Total with Income 211,254,000
Over Employed (individuals earning more than 30160) 95,064,000
Over Employment Wage Surplus $3,502,159,390,000

Just wages estimated at 7.25 x 2 = 14.50 per hour, per person.

$14.12 Trillion US dollars at current prices – 2009 GDP

Income and wage data.

In 2009, the total amount of unemployment taxes paid by American employers was a hefty 38,000,000,000–the-price-to-be-paid

Projected 2009 budget for the Food Stamp Program is 36,000,000,000.

Social Security and Medicare expense in 2009 near 1,200,000,000,000

American businesses earned profits at an annual rate of $1.659 trillion

The government has run a deficit of $2.9 trillion since 1997

Under Employment Deficit Calculations

Individuals Max Earnings Earnings Deficit Total Earnings Deficit
12,950,000 $2,499 $27,661 $358,209,950,000
7,409,000 $4,999 $25,161 $186,417,849,000
9,890,000 $7,499 $22,661 $224,117,290,000
11,931,000 $9,999 $20,161 $240,540,891,000
13,004,000 $12,499 $17,661 $229,663,644,000
9,369,000 $14,999 $15,161 $142,043,409,000
10,921,000 $17,499 $12,661 $138,270,781,000
8,468,000 $19,999 $10,161 $86,043,348,000
10,805,000 $22,499 $7,661 $82,777,105,000
6,921,000 $24,999 $5,161 $35,719,281,000
9,299,000 $27,499 $2,661 $24,744,639,000
5,484,000 $29,999 $161 $882,924,000.00
Total Under Employed 116,451,000 $1,749,431,111,000
Total Unemployed 13,700,000 $413,192,000,000
Total Under Employment Deficit $2,162,623,111,000.00

Individuals Max Earnings Earnings Surplus Total Earnings Surplus
9,451,000 $32,499 $2,339.00 $22,105,889,000.00
4,285,000 $34,999 $4,839.00 $20,735,115,000.00
7,445,000 $37,499 $7,339.00 $54,638,855,000.00
3,981,000 $39,999 $9,839.00 $39,169,059,000.00
7,432,000 $42,499 $12,339.00 $91,703,448,000.00
3,004,000 $44,999 $14,839.00 $44,576,356,000.00
4,991,000 $47,499 $17,339.00 $86,538,949,000.00
2,964,000 $49,999 $19,839.00 $58,802,796,000.00
6,502,000 $52,499 $22,339.00 $145,248,178,000.00
2,226,000 $54,999 $24,839.00 $55,291,614,000.00
3,469,000 $57,499 $27,339.00 $94,838,991,000.00
1,801,000 $59,999 $29,839.00 $53,740,039,000.00
4,214,000 $62,499 $32,339.00 $136,276,546,000.00
1,449,000 $64,999 $34,839.00 $50,481,711,000.00
2,523,000 $67,499 $37,339.00 $94,206,297,000.00
1,254,000 $69,999 $39,839.00 $49,958,106,000.00
2,978,000 $72,499 $42,339.00 $126,085,542,000.00
1,004,000 $74,999 $44,839.00 $45,018,356,000.00
2,083,000 $77,499 $47,339.00 $98,607,137,000.00
899,000 $79,999 $49,839.00 $44,805,261,000.00
1,908,000 $82,499 $52,339.00 $99,862,812,000.00
768,000 $84,999 $54,839.00 $42,116,352,000.00
1,299,000 $87,499 $57,339.00 $74,483,361,000.00
566,000 $89,999 $59,839.00 $33,868,874,000.00
1,468,000 $92,499 $62,339.00 $91,513,652,000.00
572,000 $94,999 $64,839.00 $37,087,908,000.00
775,000 $97,499 $67,339.00 $52,187,725,000.00
485,000 $99,999 $69,839.00 $33,871,915,000.00
13,268,000 $100,000+ $69,840.00 $926,637,120,000.00
Total Over Employment Surplus 95,064,000 $2,804,457,964,000.00

A Few Misc. Thoughts

How to act? Make this the talking point with your peers, with your representatives. Options for reform include implementing a just wage, this can be done by calculating the actual cost of living for an individual and basing the minimum wage upon that cost of living. Creating an underemployment tax which incorporates the unemployment tax, taking monies raised from such taxes and pushing it back into less profitable businesses or sectors in need, basing those needs upon best interest practices in line with public use laws. The underemployment act would open up just wages for the under employed and just as importantly the unemployed, affording every able body the opportunity to work.

Is it any small thing that our deficit is near the underemployment amount? We have been given Wisdom from our Creator. To ignore His Wisdom, to allow other to oppress our own countrymen will lead us to destruction. Our leaders have a duty to protect every liberty given to individuals by their Creator. We can not outwit our Maker, His wisdom is higher than ours, His mercy overflowed when His son shed His blood upon a tree purchasing for everyman, regardless of their belief, a resurrection unto judgement. We shall live again. Each individual shall give an account. May each of us work our our own salvation with fear and trembling. May we protect the weak, and stand for liberty and justice for all. Our country is only as strong as our weakest link…if we oppress that link, we need not worry about outsides threats for we will destroy ourselves as we devour one another.

The Wisdom of our Creator…Leave the corner of your fields open. Let the labor work and earn a livable wage, a just wage. If paying just wages means your company can not hire as many labors then that also mean your company cannot harvest as much from the field and that is ok with us. If you harvest the whole field while paying unjust wages you do us no service. Better to harvest little and leave the fields open for others.

Stand up to the threat of unemployment. Their threat in action is a blessing when an underemployment tax is implemented. For if they are to earn millions in our country, then the proposed underemployment tax will tax them millions, so there will be little benefit found in oppressing our countrymen. That tax will not go to pay for those who do not labor but will go directly into business, so that others may harvest the remainder of the field while earning sustainable wages.

The threat of moving business out of country is no threat at all. We will drink coffee! Taxes collected in tariffs ought to be used to make our businesses, just wage businesses….this is a matter of fair trade. Fair trade in that we are a county unto ourselves. Our concern is for our countrymen first. Through our Just Practices we may be a light to other countries but it is not our duty to sustain their injustice nor does that mean we ought to exploit their resources, by trade fairly, with honor and dignity with our national interests first.

So here we are, with a GDP of over 14 trillion, a wage surplus over 2 trillion, corporate profits exceeding 1 trillion and a wage deficit of just over 2 trillion. Add into that mix a near 2 trillion dollars of entitlements and one can see there is room to pay just wages while maintaining liberty for all, while still encompassing the notion of merit based pay. Where base pay is just pay for all and surplus wages are paid based upon the merit of the individual.

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