Deliberating Wages

The Free Market argument for unjust wages.

“For example, ask yourself if, all else equal, you would hire me for $7 per hour if I can only generate an average of $5.15 per hour of revenue for your firm. Clearly you would not. As a result, many unskilled workers who seek employment cannot find a job precisely because the government tells them that they must be paid more than they are worth to a potential employer.”

The untruth here is that in order to pay a just living wage, one which enables the individual to sustain their-self individually, the employer would actually lose money, thereby turning a company from a capitalistic business (for profit) into a socialistic enterprise (for equality). At least this is the underlying premise behind such false statements as the one uttered by Tom Lehman. However, to his credit, he does encourage each of us to learn the truth for ourselves. So what is the truth concerning wages in light of our most prominent employer?

For fiscal year 2008, Wal-Mart reported a net profit of $13.4 billion compared to $12.73 billion a year earlier.

Walmart employs an astounding 2.1 million people

The average Walmart “associate,” Wake Up Walmart reports, makes $11.75 an hour.
Read more:

Just Living Wage 14.50 – Current Wage 11.75 x 40 hours per week x 52 weeks = 5720 wage deficit.
Total Wage deficit 12,012,000,000
Total Profits            13,400,000,000

So the question becomes….

Is…………………….1,388,000,000 enough profit?

Is it lawful for our government to suppress the wages of their workers in order to protect the excess profits of those corporations doing business in their country. Is that liberty and justice for all? Are such laws, such as the current minimum wages laws, which do nothing more than protect the excessive profits of the employers engaged in paying their employees such deliberating wages, justice and liberty for all?

What should we do? We ought to pursue neither capitalistic wages nor socialist wages. Rather our pursuit ought to be liberating wages, where by the individual earns enough to support their-self and their family individually.

Liberty and justice for all includes legislating a Living Wage which enables every individual the opportunity so sustain their-self individually, to the profit of all.

Truly, the love of money is the root of all evil.
May we find and elect others who will shun such evil and enact just legislation.

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