Saying Yes to a Living Wage

I don’t want to live like you…I just want to live!

Living not on social services, but on independent wages. A living wage offering the individual enough to lawfully sustain their-self, individually. Those desiring social services seek to live based on the welfare of others as opposed to the earnings of a just wage. A wage is earned, it is not a handout. But those in control of the wealth find it cheaper to hand out a few billion dollars in social services then to pay the trillions of dollars in underemployment wages they knowingly withhold from the worker, thereby crushing individual liberties.

There are others desiring Union Wages, who state I want to live like you. If you have a bmw, I want one too. If you have a three bedroom, two bath house, I want one too. But there is no justice or liberty in requiring the employer to pay wages in excess of a just, living wage.

But those seeking Just Wages, those pursuing a Living Wage, state; I just want to live, lawfully, independently, earning enough to care for myself and my family, individually.

We hear talk about big oil, big government, big corporations, all of which are diverting our attention from the big injustice….the suppression of wages from the common laborer. The numbers used to justify this suppression of just wages are calculated using unliberating statistics. But what is the true cost to the individual American when we allow others to do the counting for us.

Incomes based on the household and not the individual

Incomes which exclude the wages of those who labor among us but have not reached the age of legal adulthood.

Incomes based upon the average income of all workers, so someone earning 15k per year is equal with one earning 65k per year because numbers do not lie. 65k + 15k = 80k / 2 means we all earn 40k per year.

The sum of these few calculations give the appearance of justice for all, all who labor earn 40k per year. Yet, the true cost of these calculations can not be measured in dollars. Exactly how does one calculate the cost of losing their individual liberties.

Unable to sustain my household individually.

Unable to pursue self-sustaining wages without incurring debt (student loans, car loans, credit card loans)

Unable to have the voice of justice heard because we according to their calculations we all earn 40k per year.

Our laborers are smart enough to earn the employer millions but too stupid to earn a just living wage. This is the message our representatives, through their actions, continue to send us and we have bought it. We have bought the lie that it’s our fault we labor for the profit of others but do not earn enough to sustain our self and our families individually.

We must repent and demand our employers and leaders ensure all who labor receive their just wage enabling them to live lawfully, independent of social services and welfare. We must explore the proper use of an underemployment tax (unemployment tax, import tax) and welfare (food stamps, cash assistance) pushing those dollars back into employment through a just living wage, offering individuals a hand-up and not handouts.

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About SoundEndurance

I am a follower of The Way, holding to the doctrine of Jesus Christ the first born from among the dead, who lives and reigns forever more. Scripture is the basis of my beliefs which testify of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and confirmed in me by His Holy Spirit. The gift of eternal life is inclusive. Jesus shed his blood for all, He has purchased for each of us a resurrection from the dead unto judgment. His shed blood is our justice which satisfies our holy Creator blotting out our sins, making it possible for us to approach a holy, righteous God. In our approach to Him, we repent of our sin, we yield ourselves to His will, wanting to take on His very divine nature, desiring to be made new in His image and likeness thereby doing away with sin. It is through this faith in Him that we become children of God having received His Holy Spirit which does his commandments thereby entering eternal life and escaping the damnation of hell, the lake of fire to come. May we be blessed in the knowledge of Him. Kenneth S. Muratore Jr


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