GOP mantra: Just Wages are Entitlements

Having read a post by By CQ Staff on titled “GOP mantra: Entitlements” it got me thinking, what in the world have we come to when we classify a living wage as an entitlement? Really, the root cause of the many injustices we have within our system is based on the defrauding of the labor their wages. Ironically, those who want to limit the “Entitlement” programs due to the injustice of individuals having something they have not earned, do not lift a finger to raise the minimum wage to something that enables individuals who labor, the ability to sustain their-self, individually.

This is not a matter of dollars and cents but the true cost of living lawfully, independently, in the area you work.  We can not fix a dollar amount on a just living wage, it must be fixed to the actual cost of living. Those who refuse to legislate such measures are defrauding our countrymen of just wages.

After all, what is an entitlement but a right to benefits specified by law. But a wage is earned, and everyone who labors is entitled to the benefit of a just living wage.

So, you want to talk about limiting entitlement programs…let’s talk.

When base wages are pegged to the actual cost of living as part of a legislative package then consideration to limit or decrease entitlement programs will also be considered in part with that same package. But let’s get this straight, the ones bankrupting this nation are not the individuals receiving entitlements but the individuals who refuse to pay a just living wage.

Let us be Wise…

Then some of the people, the men and their wives, complained publicly about their Jewish relatives. Some of them said, “We have large families! We need some grain if we are going to eat and stay alive.” Others said, “We’ve had to mortgage our fields, our vineyards, and our homes in order to get some grain because of this famine.” Others said, “We’ve had to borrow money to pay the king’s taxes on our fields and vineyards. We have the same flesh and blood as our relatives. Our children are just like theirs. Yet, we have to force our sons and daughters to become slaves. Some of our daughters have already become slaves. But we can’t do anything else when our fields and vineyards belong to others.”  I became furious when I heard their complaint and what they had to say. After thinking it over, I confronted the nobles and the leaders. I told them, “You are charging interest on loans made to your own relatives.” I arranged for a large meeting to deal with them. Then I told them, “We have done our best to buy back our Jewish relatives who had been sold to other nations. Now you are selling your Jewish relatives so that we have to buy them back again!” They were unable to say anything.  I added, “What you’re doing is wrong. Shouldn’t you live in the fear of our God to keep our enemies from ridiculing us? Neh 5:1 -9

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