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RE: Senate Rejects House G.O.P. Medicare Plan by 57-40 Vote

Comment in response to: Senate Rejects House G.O.P. Medicare Plan by 57-40 Vote

Thank the LORD people are waking up! The real issue on the table is our inability to care for ourselves, individually. With a national debt largely tied to war. The spiraling costs of Medicare and other entitlement programs, due mostly to fraud. The solidarity from constitutions, ought to be based on the lack of Living Wages being paid to those who labor among us.

Want to talk about the FREE-MARKET? Lets talk!

It’s no wonder people would rather live on unemployment and entitlements as opposed to making a corporation millions of dollars, while not earning enough to sustain their-self, and their family, individually. If you believe in the FREE-MARKET, then the FREE-MARKET has spoken. Labor has spoken. There is little supply for willing wage-slaves. So as believers in the FREE-MARKET, Employers…Pay up!

Our workers are smart enough to earn companies profit, they are smart enough to earn a Living Wage. End the Fraud! Say Yes to Individual Liberty! Stand for a Living Wage!

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