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RE: The PUN of the Abortion Billboard

As a follow up to the post titled RE: Abortion Billboard and in response to a few comments relating to this story, the issues raised and the PUN used by Greg to “name names”… @The statement “He’s 35. She’s 18” and what. Should we discriminate based on age? @The notion of Greg being less than … Continue reading

RE: Abortion Billboard

Well, the billboard in the pic does not name names…and if one puts a quarter into a gumball machine who owns the gum. This guy is standing up for fathers rights….does giving seed make one a father; does receiving seed make one a mother. What it does do, is provide the giver and receiver of … Continue reading


Smart enough, as an individual, to earn corporations a profit; as individuals, smart enough to financially support our troops, our legislators, our civil servants, our elderly, our poor. Trustworthy enough, in many cases, to obtain student loans, auto loans, and credit loans (credit cards). Smart enough to profit others but to stupid to earn a … Continue reading

RE: Beck to Congress re: salaries

In response to Beck to Congress re: salaries We’re too busy living vicariously though those earning great wealth, such as our legislators, to pick this one up. While our conscious agrees our hearts deceive. We are a lotto nation, living lustfully with the hope of hitting the big one, and when we do, then it’s … Continue reading

Social Security Faces Insolvency

According to the Los Angeles Times “Social Security, which last year began paying out more in benefits than it collected in taxes, now faces insolvency”. Is it any wonder, a country which creates ordinances governing the homes we live in, the property taxes we must pay, the utilities we must use, the automobiles we must … Continue reading


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