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RE: Beck to Congress re: salaries

In response to Beck to Congress re: salaries

We’re too busy living vicariously though those earning great wealth, such as our legislators, to pick this one up. While our conscious agrees our hearts deceive. We are a lotto nation, living lustfully with the hope of hitting the big one, and when we do, then it’s our turn baby! Truth is, that turn never arrives for the 99.9% who fund the thing. Then, there’s the over 50% of us who earn more then minimum wage and gripe because were not earning more, while at the same time charging those who earn less, with being so lazily incompetent they have no right to earn more.

Couple the above with the false notion of increased wages equaling higher costs of living inevitably leading to a decreased lifestyle and you have a recipe consolidating wealth. The idea that a living wage is harmful and would lead to a decrease in employment feeds the fear which binds us. When in reality, the truth is, a living wage tied to an underemployment tax would decrease the consolidation of profit, the sacred cow of so many.

But what profit is there in consolidating wealth into the hands of a few then into the hands of those individuals and families laboring among us who produce such profits.


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