Nomads, following gainful employment…

Moving on? Following gainful employment…

Friend, I’m shocked to learn you were earning less then minimum wage. Which according to our legislators and those in favor of collectivism is thought to be enough for any individual to support their-self and their family.

Friend, I am also shocked to learn your employer thought you smart enough to employee, earning them how much $$$, but not smart enough to pay you a livable wage. How much money did they need to earn before paying you a livable wage…was it 1% in profits, 10%, 20%, 30%…did they say?

Those of us who stand for individualism, ought to petition your home town to raise the minimum wage, to a livable wage, affording every individual who works, the opportunity to individually sustain their-self and their family.

Ah, America…the land of the free and free-markets. Where one can freely leave underemployment, along with the threat of imprisonment and/or child services taking your kids, and find gainful employment. But if gainful employment can not be found then under threat of imprisonment and/or your children being taken from you, you can in all liberty, continue working for less then a livable wage and maybe qualify for social services (the collective way employers pay your wages and earn millions).

So we continue living as if resources are limitless; believing the illusion that gainful (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) employment is possible for all, without the intervention of government.


About SoundEndurance

I am a follower of The Way, holding to the doctrine of Jesus Christ the first born from among the dead, who lives and reigns forever more. Scripture is the basis of my beliefs which testify of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and confirmed in me by His Holy Spirit. The gift of eternal life is inclusive. Jesus shed his blood for all, He has purchased for each of us a resurrection from the dead unto judgment. His shed blood is our justice which satisfies our holy Creator blotting out our sins, making it possible for us to approach a holy, righteous God. In our approach to Him, we repent of our sin, we yield ourselves to His will, wanting to take on His very divine nature, desiring to be made new in His image and likeness thereby doing away with sin. It is through this faith in Him that we become children of God having received His Holy Spirit which does his commandments thereby entering eternal life and escaping the damnation of hell, the lake of fire to come. May we be blessed in the knowledge of Him. Kenneth S. Muratore Jr


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