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Family Values of Times Past

The Romans had their own evolutionary story about family mores, and it had nothing to do with the invention of affection, which they took to be natural and eternal in the family. However, their story did contain elements of the decline of paternal authority and the stable family. Roman authors–all men–often lamented that in the … Continue reading

Revised: Tackling Unemployement & Underemployement

Individuals are smart enough to earn employers a profit, they are smart enough to earn a living wage. A living wage first, profits second. Solution: Creation of Underemployment Tax and Unemployment Vouchers Instead of unemployment checks, unemployment vouchers. Companies who choose to hire a vouchered employee receive a reduction in their underemployment tax. The underemployment … Continue reading

Tackling Unemployement & Underemployement

It’s time we say no to collectivism, the idea that we are obligated to collectively earn others a profit while not earning a living wage for ourselves. Collectivism has forced individuals into the unliberating position of households having to earn multiple incomes, few of which equal a living wage, while collectively earning their employer’s profits. … Continue reading