Living Wage


Mean “Average” Monthly Costs for a Family in a Given Area Earner Spouse Child TOTAL
Food (dine in/dine out) 200 100 100 400
Clothing 30 30 30 90
Housing (mortgage/rent, maintenance) 900 900
Utilities (Electric, Water, Sewer, Garbage) 150 30 30 210
Transportation (vehicle payment, maintenance, insurance, gas) 300 15 15 330
Health (cost of care/insurance, out of pocket) 300 100 100 500
Vacation (Paid days off/15 work days per year) 150 150
Retirement (savings for beyond age 60) 340 340
TOTAL 2920
Tax (Federal and State) 3358
Per Hour 19.3

While the numbers above are representative of the current (2011) costs of living in many urban areas, a Living Wage is a framework and not a set dollar amount.

A Living Wage is just that. A wage which allows the individual to live, lawfully, within a given area while caring for their self, their spouse, their family. Irrespective of the status of an individual (single, married, children) a living wage remains the same for all. This allows the young to save for their future, the middle aged to care for their elders, and those with families to care those in their household.

Irrespective of the task at hand, a Living Wage is the base wage. Merit based pay and profits come after this wage has been met.

This Living Wage must be coupled with an underemployment tax and employment vouchers. The revenues from this tax will be put in employment efforts such as rebates, incentives, infrastructure, maintenance, roads, schools, etc, as deemed necessary and/or voted on.

Implementing a Living Wage without implementing the underemployment tax will in fact raise wages to the current costs of living and ensure the costs of living increase.

check out the Underemployment Tax


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