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Divorce Effects Mothers and Daughters

“Though parental divorce itself did have a direct effect on young women’s chances of divorce, the major effect of divorce on young women was the mother-dau­ghter relationsh­ip in adolescence.” “So the finding is that divorce has a greater effect on girls than boys. In America women initiate divorce 70% of the time with the expectatio­n … Continue reading

Most Peculiar and Amazing

I witnessed the most peculiar and amazing event. It was near noon on a clear summer day in Florida void of the early afternoon showers which sometimes occur sporadically throughout the state. As I sometimes do on days such as this, I made my way to a local park. This is one of those areas … Continue reading

RE: Abortion Billboard

Well, the billboard in the pic does not name names…and if one puts a quarter into a gumball machine who owns the gum. This guy is standing up for fathers rights….does giving seed make one a father; does receiving seed make one a mother. What it does do, is provide the giver and receiver of … Continue reading

Family – A Forgotton Term

What is a family? This is a term tossed about but little understood. Yet we apply this concept, and the principles of this term we call the family, in our everyday lives. Without such governing principles we would live in total chaos. Family is defined by Webster as… 1. The collective body of persons who … Continue reading

Parent – A Word Lost in Translation

What is a parent? This is a brief post which defines the term parent. Throughout my writings when inciting this term, I do so with this definition in mind. Without such a clear definition of what a parent is and is not, we risk disrupting the very fabric of our homes, communities and our nation. … Continue reading


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