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RE: The Impossible Dream: Health Insurers Will Improve the Health Care System

In response to an article found on Huffingtonpost Health Care would be much less if they charged the individual what they could individually afford. Instead they charge the insurance companies. We have lost the liberty to earn a living wage. We have lost the liberty to sustain ourselves individually. Insurance is a fraud, just … Continue reading

RE: On the Debt Ceiling

Response to the following article found on huffingtonpost Debt Ceiling…Budget Deal? Entitlements? National Debt? Affordable Energy? Social Security? Medicare? Health Care? and ? Let no other pursuit precede the restoration of a just, Living Wage. Until this has been restored to every individual who labors among us, much of our labor is done in … Continue reading

RE: Why Gay Cultural Progress Is Meeting Stiff Political Resistance

This post is a response to an article found on the website. Click here to read the article. If same-sex marriage is good for all, than smoking is good too. Here’s the deal for me….I have no interest in passing on condemnation. We ALL are condemned already. Who of us will escape the doorway … Continue reading