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For Such A Time: HB 283: Alimony

Work. Pay your bills. End the robbery. End the extortion. Let’s go Florida! Else California take the lead. A real gold rush too! Legislation whose time has come. Find a just way Florida. No one left behind. Not a man, not a woman, not a child. One household, one voice, one vote! Construction. Deconstruction. Reconstruction. … Continue reading

Living Wage

LIVING WAGE Mean “Average” Monthly Costs for a Family in a Given Area Earner Spouse Child TOTAL Food (dine in/dine out) 200 100 100 400 Clothing 30 30 30 90 Housing (mortgage/rent, maintenance) 900 900 Utilities (Electric, Water, Sewer, Garbage) 150 30 30 210 Transportation (vehicle payment, maintenance, insurance, gas) 300 15 15 330 Health … Continue reading

Family Values of Times Past

The Romans had their own evolutionary story about family mores, and it had nothing to do with the invention of affection, which they took to be natural and eternal in the family. However, their story did contain elements of the decline of paternal authority and the stable family. Roman authors–all men–often lamented that in the … Continue reading

Revised: Tackling Unemployement & Underemployement

Individuals are smart enough to earn employers a profit, they are smart enough to earn a living wage. A living wage first, profits second. Solution: Creation of Underemployment Tax and Unemployment Vouchers Instead of unemployment checks, unemployment vouchers. Companies who choose to hire a vouchered employee receive a reduction in their underemployment tax. The underemployment … Continue reading

Tackling Unemployement & Underemployement

It’s time we say no to collectivism, the idea that we are obligated to collectively earn others a profit while not earning a living wage for ourselves. Collectivism has forced individuals into the unliberating position of households having to earn multiple incomes, few of which equal a living wage, while collectively earning their employer’s profits. … Continue reading

Most Peculiar and Amazing

I witnessed the most peculiar and amazing event. It was near noon on a clear summer day in Florida void of the early afternoon showers which sometimes occur sporadically throughout the state. As I sometimes do on days such as this, I made my way to a local park. This is one of those areas … Continue reading

Casey Anthony…I do not know

Casey Anthony…I do not know if she is guilty or not. What I do believe in, is delayed justice… when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who … Continue reading

Nomads, following gainful employment…

Moving on? Following gainful employment… Friend, I’m shocked to learn you were earning less then minimum wage. Which according to our legislators and those in favor of collectivism is thought to be enough for any individual to support their-self and their family. Friend, I am also shocked to learn your employer thought you smart enough … Continue reading

RE: The PUN of the Abortion Billboard

As a follow up to the post titled RE: Abortion Billboard and in response to a few comments relating to this story, the issues raised and the PUN used by Greg to “name names”… @The statement “He’s 35. She’s 18” and what. Should we discriminate based on age? @The notion of Greg being less than … Continue reading


Smart enough, as an individual, to earn corporations a profit; as individuals, smart enough to financially support our troops, our legislators, our civil servants, our elderly, our poor. Trustworthy enough, in many cases, to obtain student loans, auto loans, and credit loans (credit cards). Smart enough to profit others but to stupid to earn a … Continue reading


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