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Smart enough, as an individual, to earn corporations a profit; as individuals, smart enough to financially support our troops, our legislators, our civil servants, our elderly, our poor. Trustworthy enough, in many cases, to obtain student loans, auto loans, and credit loans (credit cards). Smart enough to profit others but to stupid to earn a … Continue reading

Budget Deal? Entitlements? National Debt? Affordable Energy?…

To The Honorable, Budget Deal? Entitlements? National Debt? Affordable Energy? Federal Reserve? Gold Standard? Big Oil? Social Security? Medicare? Health Care? Green? and ? Let no other pursuit precede the restoration of a just, Living Wage. Until this has been restored to every individual who labors among us, much of our labor is done in … Continue reading

Saying Yes to a Living Wage

I don’t want to live like you…I just want to live! Living not on social services, but on independent wages. A living wage offering the individual enough to lawfully sustain their-self, individually. Those desiring social services seek to live based on the welfare of others as opposed to the earnings of a just wage. A … Continue reading

Deliberating Wages

The Free Market argument for unjust wages. “For example, ask yourself if, all else equal, you would hire me for $7 per hour if I can only generate an average of $5.15 per hour of revenue for your firm. Clearly you would not. As a result, many unskilled workers who seek employment cannot find a … Continue reading